Ear-training software method and lessons
for guitar, bass, and fretboard instruments.
Full course and play-along exercises.
Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer
If you can HEAR it, you can PLAY it,
if you can THINK it, you can PLAY it!

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How to develop a great
musical ear and superior
playing skills


How to master intervals,
positions, scales, and
licks -- by ear

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System requirements

GBET runs on any computer with Windows (any version from XP to Windows 10) or Mac OSX


How to buy

GBET is sold online by Digital River Inc. -- a guarantee of excellent service and total safety.

Various payment methods are available: credit card (real-time processing on secure servers), cheque, wire transfer, money order, PayPal, etc.

Immediately after your order is processed (a few seconds for credit cards) our system will send you an email with download instructions.

So in practice you can buy GBET PROFESSIONAL right away and have it running on your computer within a few minutes from now.


ONE YEAR money-back guarantee

What if you buy GBET and don't like it? The answer is simple: if you are less than delighted with GBET and don't receive massive benefits from it, we don't want to have your money either. So this is our no-nonsense guarantee to you:

If you are not completely satisfied with GBET, simply tell us within one year from your purchase and we'll promptly send your money back, no question asked.


Unlimited free upgrades

That's "buy once, download forever".

After you become a registered user of GBET PROFESSIONAL you will be able to download all future versions of the software.

Because we are regularly improving and upgrading the software, this means you will continue to enjoy our state-of-the-art ear-training software for years to come.


Unlimited email support

Any time you have a problem with GBET, even years after your purchase, simply send us an email and we'll do our best to serve you.


Unlimited crash recovery support

Should you ever lose your files because of a virus, computer crash, accidental delete, etc. simply write us an email and we'll set you up again ASAP.


Bottom line...

The bottom line is... if you are serious about developing a superior musical ear... if you want to be able to effortlessly play anything you think or hear... if you want rapid results and never-ending improvement... then buy GBET today and start to enjoy a lifetime of benefits with the finest guitar and bass ear-training software on the planet!



The price of GBET PROFESSIONAL is US$ 100.

Until Friday, July 26th we are offering GBET PROFESSIONAL at only US$ 75 instead of the full price of US$ 100.

If you decide that ear-training is important for you, take advantage now of this rock-bottom price!



Click on this link, fill the order form, and get immediate access GBET Professional.

You will also get an email with all the necessary info, including instructions on getting future upgrades for free.

In the order form you can choose among different payment methods --1 credit card, check, money order, PayPal, credit card by phone/fax, etc.


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" If you can HEAR it, you can PLAY it,
    if you can THINK it, you can PLAY it! "

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