Ear-training software method and lessons
for guitar, bass, and fretboard instruments.
Full course and play-along exercises.
Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer
If you can HEAR it, you can PLAY it,
if you can THINK it, you can PLAY it!

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How to develop a great
musical ear and superior
playing skills


How to master intervals,
positions, scales, and
licks -- by ear

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Download GBET TRIAL and experience how GBET develops your musical ear and playing skills.

Download GBET TRIAL: gbet-trial.exe (~1 MB)

The Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer contains:

  • Interval-intensive drills
    to know and instantly recognize all intervals.

  • Position-intensive drills
    to effortlessly play any interval from any fretboard position.

  • Scale-intensive drills
    to develop a sophisticated musical ear and playing skills and use them in real-life music.

  • Lick-intensive drills
    to improve speed and effortlessness while playing any musical phrase, in any key, all over the fretboard.

  • Custom licks drills
    To create your own specific licks, phrases, bass lines, etc. and practice them in all keys until perfect.

  • Guitar, bass, or any fretboard instrument
    you can practice with any instrument from 4 to 7 strings with any tuning you want.

  • Left-handed support and other fretboard view options to practice in the most effective and realistic way.

  • Real-time staff view
    to simultaneously improve your sight-reading skills during your ear-training sessions.

  • Much, much more...
    ...for you to discover and use to your advantage.


Download GBET TRIAL: gbet-trial.exe (~1 MB)



" If you can HEAR it, you can PLAY it,
    if you can THINK it, you can PLAY it! "

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